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All About the QMB

Quality Meats & Beverages Limited are Zanzibar's first and longest-serving importers of gourmet foods and fine wine, supplying the island, its connoisseurs and its hotels since the 1990's.

We have scoured the world for wines and spirits that fulfil our promises of Best Quality at Best Price to our loyal customer base, our portfolio embracing wines from all corners of the globe. 

Our carefully-selected gourmet foods are sourced worldwide and imported under strict hygienic conditions for the enjoyment of the our discerning buyers. Our reputation for supplying the finest gourmet foods has caused our client base to spread across Tanzania, from the highlands to the coast, lakes to the savannah. 

We also proudly support Tanzanian businesses, wherever possible, sourcing locally and providing new markets to suppliers that might otherwise not reach the Coastal markets. 

Locally-owned and managed, QMB have grown with Zanzibar tourism, supporting and supplying the industry through the good times and the bad, proud partners in the Islands' development. 

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