Red Bull




Red Bull requires no introduction, the best-selling energy drink in the world, selling over 6,3 billion cans in 2017. Popular for its energy-giving qualities, Red Bull gives you wings. 

Appreciated by people from all walks of life, whether in the club or on the road, an athlete or a student, preparing for your exams or needing an extra boost to get through your day, Red Bull is a functional, non-alcoholic drink that increases performance, concentration and reaction speeds. 


Red Bull's popularity extends into sport, with sponsorship of Formula 1 Teams and European Football teams, events such as music festivals and extreme cliff diving. It even has its own TV Channel. 

QMB are the appointed Zanzibar distributors of Red Bull, where we offer the best prices to wholesale and retail customers alike, selling crates of the distinctive blue, 100% recyclable cans to hotels, bars, cafes, dukas and individual customers across Zanzibar. 

Beware of fake imports and cheap copies, if you want Red Bull in Zanzibar, take the original from QMB and get yourself some wings...