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QMB Italian Corner

As dedicated lovers of fine meats and cheeses, QMB have developed a very soft spot for the Italian way of life and the wonderful artisan products that have been carefully produced there for many centuries. 

We felt it only fair that we share our discoveries and promote the produce of our partners to all of our clients and followers on Zanzibar, developing a range of Italian specialities that would make a Nonna blush with desire. 


If you are in search of the perfect Pannetone, prime Parmesan, the freshest Mozzarella (Di Bufala variety rather than Di Burger), gorgeous Gorgonzola, spectacular salame and sausages, lubricious Lambrusco, magnificent Montepulcianos or indeed anything of the highest Italian standards, then the Italian range of the QMB portfolio will have you kissing your clenched fingertips with like a true Napoletano

Selected with the sprezzatura of passionate and dedicated experts, we have been supplying all of the Italian hotels and resorts for decades with everything they need to feel at home. They trust us to provide them with the best of Italian meats and cheeses, and so should you. 

A visit to our main showroom, or the town Deli Shop, and you could be living La Dolce Vita on Zanzibar.

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