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Hotel Supply

QMB have been supplying to hotels from the early days of Zanzibar tourism, growing with the trade, learning from the hospitality experts and adjusting, improving and growing our portfolio to satisfy the needs of the Islands' growing tourism industry. As the Zanzibar market leaders, we believe we understand the needs of hoteliers better than anyone. 

We offer preferable rates and credit terms to help with the cashflow during high season and low, flexible in our relationships with hotel partners to ensure that they meet, or even surpass, their guests' expectations. The wide-ranging portfolio of products ensures that we can match any price point, from the backpacker hostel to the luxury hotel, all of our clients treated with the respect and understanding worthy of a long-standing supply partner.

Our trained Sommeliers are on hand to provide guidance on the best wines that match the level of service required, training bar and floor staff in the wines they serve, what makes them the ideal choice for a particular meals and how to pour, store and present them with confidence. 

If you are a hotelier, GM of F&B Manager looking to arrange for a tasting or training, you can contact our Sommeliers to arrange a visit at your convenience here.

Our broad catering selection ensures that your kitchen team have all of the finest ingredients they need to provide the F&B excellence you seek for your guests. Our range of dry goods, fresh meats, quality dairy and specialist gourmet delicacies are all priced with your budgets in mind, regularly restocked and refreshed so that we never run out, even when other suppliers so often do. And it we don't stock it, we'll try and source it for you, because that's the kind of professional partner and willing provider that we are. 

As the longest-serving supplier to Zanzibar's hotel industry, there through the good times and the bad, we think we know what our hospitality partners need and how they need it. We source, store, supply and deliver, to help you keep your promises to your guests. 

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