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QMB Meats

We like meat at QMB, really we do, so much so that we named after our company after it. The Beverages were an afterthought (no, really, they were). 

Our meat selection has been sustainably sourced from a small group of abattoirs and butchers across East Africa, trusted partners with whom we have worked closely for many years. We know our supply chain well enough to be able to sell to our customers with confidence in the freshness and provenance of our products. 


On an island celebrated for its seafood, we knew that if we were going to get meaty, we needed to do it properly. And so it is that we have put together as wide a selection as you can wish for - family roasts, BBQ classics, gourmet specials - each carefully prepared and packed for your enjoyment.

The range of Halal meats have been slaughtered according to Islamic rites, and stored separately from the non-halal to preserve their integrity. Our commitment to this practice is rigorous and supervised by the QMB staff, in respect for the Ummah to which they belong. All haram products are also stored separately from the main produce.

QMB guarantee the widest range of quality meats to their clients, from sliced cold cuts to big burgers, chicken portions to lamb mince, sausages to sirloin, stored to the strictest standards possible.

It's a missed steak if you don't come to QMB for your meat.


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