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Sawa beer

As connoisseurs of the good things in life, QMB are on a mission to find all that is fine in food and drink and bring it to Zanzibar for the pleasure of their clientele.

East Africa boasts some wonderful beers, but we wanted something lighter and more European in taste to complement those long tropical afternoons in this paradise that we call home.

QMB partnered up with a European craft beer maker to fulfill a long-held dream and brew up a beer of our own.

We tried and tested several brews in pursuit of the perfect blend, our unshakeable dedication to the cause finally forging a light, refreshing brew worthy of our hard efforts.

The result is a beer we named Sawa, after one of our favourite Swahili words of agreement, an agreeable Zanzibeer of our very own making.

Only available in Zanzibar, at the very finest of establishments, we also stock it at QMB HQ in Stone Town.

Kila Kitu Ni Sawa.

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