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QMB Gourmet

To support our comprehensive range of wines and cheeses, and provide our discerning clients and hotel partners with the right ingredients and components for all of their gastronomic needs, QMB also import and supply a wide selection of dry goods. 

This is the collective term for any item that does not need refrigeration, and for QMB this means good olive oils, fine pastas, tinned vegetables and fruit, preserved fish, and all of those other fine foods that sit in the stores and cupboards of people who care about food. Our QMB Clientele, in other words. 

From the finest anchovies and clams of the Mediterranean to wholesome and earthy pulses, rare truffle oil delicacies to necessities such as tinned tomatoes and authentic pesto, speciality rices to pasta of every conceivable shape and size, QMB have it all.

Our commitment to fine finds and client wishes keep our stock list constantly evolving, so if you want to know what Dry Goodies are available now, you can email us here

Or visit us in person, where one of the team will be only too happy to share their latest finds with you.


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